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Customer Testimonials

6100 Getty Drive, Suite H
North Little Rock, AR 72117
Tel: 501-833-9700


Charlotte Dumboski

I love my security system and I am so glad you put it in. I feel I can call anytime I need ya’ll. Thanks and I always feel safe.

Shirley Clifton

Our service has always been top notch. One less thing to worry about.

Lorene Dumboski

I would recommend this service to anyone. Very Satisfied.

Fraley Roofing

Complete Security has provided Fraley Roofing with exemplary service! We would recommend Complete Security for any business or residential needs, as they have shown themselves to be adapt in both sectors.

2010 - present

Evelyn Bass

Complete Security provides professional service for their clients.

Scott Isslieb

2010 - present

Great service, answers phone promptly, always professional, and courteous.


Tim Fraley

We have had a great experience with Complete Security at our home as well as our business. Anytime we need them they are there. Our family feels much safer knowing Complete Security is watching over us.

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