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Referral Program

Here's how it works...


With Complete Security, you get the peace of mind of having the highest quality service, and equipment for your budget. Why not tell your friends, and receive a reward for doing so!


You can receive up to a $25.00 reward from Complete Security for every referral that results in the installation of a new or monitored security system. The process is simple, submit a referral (including your name and phone number) telling us who may be interested in our services. For best results contact your referral and let them know we will be contacting them and for every referral resulting in an installation, you'll receive a check from us for $25.00.


It's fast and simple to do. And there's no limit to how many friends you can refer – or how much money you can earn!


Remember that we guarantee our work and do not pressure anyone, so don't hesitate to refer us to a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or even your office.

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